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At Macreq, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the unique challenges and demands of various industries. Our proficiency spans multiple sectors, ensuring we're adept at addressing the specialized needs of each.

Aerospace & Defense

In the exacting world of aerospace and defense, where precision and reliability are paramount, Macreq stands out. Adhering to rigorous standards like AS9100 and NADCAP, our focus is on crafting high-quality engine components, including turbine blades and other critical parts, ensuring optimal performance under the most demanding conditions.

Automotive & EV (Electric Vehicles)

As the automotive landscape undergoes rapid transformation, Macreq is at the forefront. With certifications like IATF 16949 guiding our processes, we produce innovative parts such as EV battery casings, transmission components, and brake systems, driving the future of mobility.

Oil & Gas

The high-stakes realm of oil and gas demands nothing short of excellence. With the backing of certifications like API Q1 and ISO/TS 29001, Macreq ensures every component, from drill bits to pipeline valves, meets the industry’s stringent standards, guaranteeing safety and peak operational efficiency.

Medical Devices

The medical industry is synonymous with precision and reliability. Adhering to the exacting standards of ISO 13485, Macreq crafts components like surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, and diagnostic equipment, ensuring they meet the highest benchmarks of quality and safety.


As the global shift towards sustainable energy accelerates, Macreq is committed to championing the cause. While our ISO 50001 certification guides our processes, our primary focus lies in crafting components for batteries, ensuring efficient energy storage and a brighter, greener future.