Our Solutions

At Macreq, precision is more than a commitment; it's the essence of what we do. Our diverse manufacturing processes are tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and quality. Explore our core processes:


Machining Using advanced machine tools, we transform raw materials into intricate components with a precision of up to a micron. Particularly favored in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & EV, Oil & Gas, and Medical Devices sectors, this method is perfect for crafting complex parts, from engine components to surgical instruments.

Injection Moulding

By injecting molten material into molds, we achieve consistent and efficient plastic components production. This process is pivotal in the Automotive & EV industry, ensuring uniformity across high-volume batches.

Die Casting

With the ability to mold molten metal under high pressure, die casting is perfect for Oil & Gas and Medical Devices sectors, producing parts with intricate details and a smooth finish.


By shaping metal through compressive forces, we craft parts with enhanced durability and strength. This method is indispensable in the Automotive & EV industry, yielding robust components.


A cost-effective method for shaping metal, stamping is crucial for industries like Automotive & EV and Renewables, especially when crafting battery components and other metal parts in large quantities.

3D Printing

Revolutionizing modern manufacturing, 3D printing allows us to achieve complex geometries. It’s a favorite in the Medical Devices sector for rapid prototyping and custom parts.

Press Tools & Fixtures

Essential for maintaining consistency, our press tools and fixtures are tailored to specific manufacturing needs. They play a pivotal role across all industries, ensuring every component meets Macreq’s stringent standards of precision.

Manufacturing Engineering Services

Cost optimization, Throughput and Process stability and all together a Turn Key process is where we support our customers by understanding from the blue print to cover the over all requirement from process planning with KPC (Key Process Characteristics), PFMEA,  Fixture design as per ASME standards, Fixture manufacturing, Latest tech cutting tool selection, Optimized NC programming, Prove-out, Inspection Methodology – In-process controls and Final.